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Madeleine Albright, first female US secretary of state, dies at 84******


In this file photo taken on August 20, 1998, then US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright speaks to reporters at the White House on the US attack of a terrorist base in Afghanistan.

Madeleine Albright, who came to the United States as a child refugee and rose to be the first female secretary of state, shaping American foreign policy at the end of the 20th century, has died at the age of 84.

Tapped by President Bill Clinton as ambassador to the United Nations then as the US top diplomat, Albright was one of the most influential stateswomen of her generation.

In mourning her passing, Clinton said Albright had been "a force for freedom, democracy and human rights," calling her death an "immense loss to the world."

President Joe Biden said Albright had "turned the tide of history," adding that she "defied convention and broke barriers again and again."

At the United Nations, the Security Council observed a moment of silence.

Clinton, announcing his choice of Albright to head the State Department in 1997, said gender "had nothing to do with her getting the job" and she was the most qualified candidate.

Albright, however, was aware of the significance of the appointment.

"It used to be that the only way a woman could truly make her foreign policy views felt was by marrying a diplomat and then pouring tea on an offending ambassador's lap," she once said in a speech to the Women in Foreign Policy Group.

"Today, women are engaged in every facet of global affairs."

Albright took the helm of the State Department in a post-Cold War world in which the United States had emerged as the sole superpower, leading crucial discussions with world leaders on arms control, trade, terrorism and the future of NATO.

Not since Margaret Thatcher governed Britain had a woman held such a position of global influence.

Born Marie Jana Korbelova in Czechoslovakia on May 15, 1937, Albright came to the United States as a refugee with her family in 1948 and became a US citizen in 1957.

Her father, Josef Korbel, a diplomat, had converted from Judaism to Catholicism after the family fled to London in 1939 to escape the Nazis.

Albright said she only learned about her Jewish origins late in life and the fact that three of her grandparents had perished in concentration camps.

'Short, noisy type'

Fluent in English, Czech, French and Russian, Albright earned her undergraduate degree from Wellesley College.

She earned her doctorate in political science at Columbia University and went to work for Democratic senator Edmund Muskie.

She later joined the National Security Council in the White House of President Jimmy Carter, serving under his national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, her former professor at Columbia.

After Carter's defeat, Albright began teaching at Georgetown University in Washington but remained an influential voice in Democratic foreign policymaking circles.

She was named US ambassador to the United Nations by Clinton in 1993 and served in that role until 1997, when she became secretary of state.

Albright married Joseph Albright in 1959. They had three daughters and divorced in 1982.

Her memoir, "Madam Secretary," was published in 2003.

She also wrote a book about her huge collection of brooches which, she explained to Smithsonian magazine in 2010, sometimes were "reflective of whatever issue we're dealing with."

"In every role, she used her fierce intellect and sharp wit – and often her unmatched collection of pins – to advance America's national security and promote peace around the world," Biden said.

Newcomer BC Komarno inflicts first loss on BKM Lucenec in Slovak Basketball League******

BRATISLAVA, Oct. 23 (Xinhua) -- After four rounds of dominating the Slovak Basketball premiership SBL, BKM Lucenec suffered its first loss on Saturday in the new season by newcomer BC Komarno.

Led by Serbian guard Luka Gasic who scored 26 points and grabbed 4 rebounds, Komarno built a 10-point lead at the end of the third quarter.

Lucenec turned up the heat in the final stretch and tied the game near the end. However, Komarno took control of the game once again, cruising to a 96-89 win.

Elsewhere, BC Prievidza's struggle continues. The team from the central region of Slovakia lost also its fifth match of the new season, getting devastated by the Levice Patriots 105-60 and remains the only team without a victory this season.

The players of Iskra Svit were intent on breaking their bad streak but the visitors from Bratislava would not allow it and triumphed 97-94 in the end.

The current champions Spis Knights wanted to keep on riding their three-game winning streak but MBK Banik Handlova produced a strong start, building a 16-point lead at half-time and never allowing the visitors to cut too deep into it, cruising to a comfortable 90-71 victory. Enditem

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Dismissed: Germany's Merkel becomes caretaker chancellor******


German Chancellor Angela Merkel is handed the certificate of dismissal by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier during an official dismissal ceremony on Tuesday at the presidential Bellevue Palace in Berlin.

Angela Merkel took a step closer to political retirement on Tuesday after receiving her formal dismissal certificate from the post of chancellor after 16 years in office, though she will lead a caretaker government until her successor is sworn in.

Hours earlier, Merkel attended the opening session of Germany's new parliament in Berlin, taking a seat in the VIP gallery as the recently elected lawmakers met for the first time. Merkel, who first won a seat in the Bundestag 31 years ago, did not run again in the September 26 election.

Lawmakers elected Baerbal Bas, a member of the center-left Social Democratic Party, as speaker of the 736-member lower house. She succeeds Wolfgang Schaeuble, a 79-year-old conservative and former finance and interior minister, who was also the longest-serving member of the last parliament, having first been elected in 1972.

Bas, whose party narrowly beat Merkel's center-right Union bloc, has been a member of the Bundestag since 2009. The 53-year-old was a deputy leader of her party's parliamentary group in the last parliament and its spokesperson on health, education and research.

Bas told fellow lawmakers that she would work for fairer representation of women in parliament. She is only the third woman to head the Bundestag since its creation in 1949.

"The responsibility has by far not been spread fairly on all shoulders," she said.

While the Bundestag has more female members following last month's election, women are still a long way from reaching parity in the national legislature. More than a third, or 34.7 percent, of the new lawmakers are women compared to 31.4 percent in the previous parliament, according to the German news agency dpa.

Bas emphasized that even though parliament does not yet reflect the full diversity of German society, the new Bundestag has become more diverse, with more immigrant lawmakers and younger members.

She vowed to protect the lower house against hatred and promised, "I will defend democracy against its enemies."

The three parties that hope to form Germany's new government said last week they aim to have the country's next chancellor in place in early December, but acknowledged that they face a complex task.

The Social Democrats, environmentalist Greens and pro-business Free Democrats opened formal coalition talks following a preliminary deal earlier this month, which set out their priorities but left many open questions.

German coalition talks are an elaborate affair, producing an agreement that sets out details of the government's program for its four-year term. They have tended to get longer over the years as the country's political landscape has fragmented, meaning that elections rarely produce parliamentary majorities for traditional allies.

If the negotiations succeed, the new government will send Merkel's center-right Union bloc into opposition after 16 years at the helm. Her likely successor would be Olaf Scholz of the Social Democrats, her vice chancellor and finance minister since 2018.

Handing Merkel her dismissal certificate, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier thanked her for steering the country through difficult times, particularly during her final four-year term. He cited the coronavirus pandemic, Britain's departure from the European Union and a US government under President Donald Trump that he said "had little to no interest in the international order and trans-Atlantic partnership."

Merkel last week received a warm farewell from fellow European Union leaders and former US President Barack Obama. Her final weeks as caretaker include representing Germany as the G-20 meeting in Italy and next week's UN climate conference in Glasgow.

Amazfit 跃我 GTS 3 体验:变薄了,却也变强了******摘要



众多智能可穿戴设备品牌中,华米是产品线布局比较全面的一个,这篇文章的主角,是华米全新的 Amazfit GTS 3 智能手表。去年十月份的时候,我们曾给大家介绍过 Amazfit GTS 2,Amazfit GTS 3 属于它的换代产品,从设计到功能特性都有改进升级。



Amazfit GTS 3 延续了该系列一直坚持的方形设计,屏幕表面覆盖 3D 玻璃盖板,不过弧度处理貌似比上代要来得稍小一些。好所带来的直接好处有两个,其一是视觉效果更圆润,另外则是户外使用时,边缘反光问题优于典型曲屏手表,不会对正常内容显示造成明显影响。

屏幕素质同样属于同类产品中比较靠前的水准。它同样用的是 AMOLED 屏,尺寸较上代有所增加,为 1.75 英寸,有效显示面积大概多了 14% 左右。显示效果也很棒,分辨率为 390×490 像素,341ppi,实际色彩表现以及画面细腻程度都不错。

轻薄,是我很喜欢Amazfit GTS 3 的地方。它的机身厚度只有 8.8 毫米,看上去显得非常精致之外,对于提升实际佩戴感也有帮助。大家知道,平时佩戴手表时,其实经常会出现的「卡手背」问题,将厚度降下来之后,这种情况会有很大改善。

操控部分也有不同。虽然 Amazfit GTS 3 同样在右侧中央位置做了一枚物理按键,但工作逻辑由之前的纯按压式改成了「按键+旋钮」,上下翻页时很方便。此外,由于华米在它的机身内部塞进了线性马达,旋转按键时能匹配比较精准的振动反馈,也是不错的解压神器。

身边很多人选择智能手环而非智能手表,很重要的一个原因就是前者足够轻便,戴起来会舒服一些。跃我 Amazfit GTS 3 并不存在这个问题,尽管使用更为坚固耐用的铝合金中框,它的重量依旧控制在了 24.4 克(不含表带),加之表带做了大量透气设计,实际佩戴感很舒服。

这次华米一共为 Amazfit GTS 3 准备了三种不同的配色可选,除了我们手里这台柔砂棕版本,还有曜石黑和薄雾白。个人而言,柔砂棕版本更适合女孩子佩戴,它的实际颜色效果介于金色和粉色之间,还是挺好看的。当然,黑色和白色版属于 yyds。


无论智能手表还是智能手环,功能性都比之前多了很多,但运动功能和健康监测能力都是其最核心的两个点,也是很多人之所以会选择这类设备的初衷。为了方便阅读,下面我们分别来介绍下 Amazfit GTS 3 的运动功能和健康监测能力。

先来看运动功能。Amazfit GTS 3 内置了超过 150 种运动模式,诸如户外跑、健走、户外骑行、室内骑行、泳池游泳、登山、椭圆机、跳绳、爬楼等,常见运动类型都包含在内。比较特别的是,这次它内新增了电子竞技模式。

电子竞技模式之前我们在 OPPO Watch 上也看到过,二者大致逻辑相近。开启之后,手表能记录游戏过程中的玩家的心率变化以及能量消耗等信息,对于平时喜欢玩游戏的人来说,还是挺有用的。运动自动识别功能也没有落下,而且它所能识别的运动类型更多。

Amazfit GTS 3 目前一共支持识别 8 种不同运动类型,包含健走、室内步行、户外跑步、跑步机、户外游泳、泳池游泳、椭圆机以及划船机,支持根据自己的实际使用需要选择要开启的运动类型,结合华米自研的 PeakBeats 专业运动算法,手表能给出准确的运动数据分析。

过去的几年里,每代全新 GTS 系列新品发布,都会伴随软硬件两方面能力升级,到了 Amazfit GTS 3 这里也并不例外。这款产品用上了华米科技自研的新一代 BioTracker 3.0 PPG 生物追踪光学传感器,心率、血氧饱和度等等健康监测精确性有了进一步提升,使用体验也更好。

以血氧饱和度测试为例,全新升级后的硬件方案配合华米自研的 OxygenBeats 算法,让 Amazfit GTS 3 的测试时间缩短为 15 秒,比上代快了接近一倍,成功率和准确性更高。当然,使用逻辑没有太大变化,支持连续测量或者单次测量,根据实际使用环境设置即可。

Amazfit GTS 3 新增了一项很实用的一键测量功能。如命名所描述的那样,这项功能允许手表在 1 分钟的时间里同时测量心率、血氧饱和度、压力、呼吸速率以及心脏健康等多项关键身体健康数据,对于像我这样有些懒的人来说,还是很实用的。

比较核心的 24 小时全天候心率监测功能自然不会缺席,手表会将监测到的心率数据以图表的形式进行显示,你可以很直观地了解到不同时间段的心率变化。此外,它也同样具备高心率、低心率以及心脏异常搏动预警能力,能及时帮助用户注意到身体异样,尽快采取应对措施。

Amazfit GTS 3 的睡眠监测功能也很强大,能记录睡眠总时长以及各种不同睡眠状态时长占比之外,你还可以在图标中看到不同睡眠时间段大的心率或者呼吸率变化情况。此外,这款手表还支持零星小睡监测,并且实际识别准确性很高,对于有午休习惯的人来说,这项功能就很方便了。

除了以上我们提到的这些,其它诸如压力监测、呼吸训练、女性生理周期等等其它智能手表上有的功能,你都可以在 Amazfit GTS 3 上找到。另外,它依旧保留了华米手表比较有标志性同时也很实用的 PAI 健康评估系统。

对于 PAI 健康评估系统,之前我们在相关评测文章中做过介绍,这里再来简单回顾下。这套系统不仅仅只是依靠心率数据,而是结合用户每天的活动强度以及多方面身体健康数据等多个维度的数据指标来进行评估,从而得到 PAI 活力指数,让用户更直观知道自己的身体健康水平。

Zepp OS,好用又好玩

Amazfit GTS 3 还有一个很大的亮点,是它首次搭载了华米科技自研的 Zepp OS 原生智能手表操作系统。实际用起来,该系统和大多数同类产品没有太大的不同,上滑是消息通知中心、下滑功能菜单、左右滑动切换详细功能界面,应用列表则通过按压物理按键打开。

稍有不同的地方在于,Zepp OS 中新增了类似于手机负一屏的设定,当手表处于主界面显示状态时,右滑便可以进入。此时,包括天气、支付、睡眠数据等功能项会以列表的形式展示,方便查找操作。此外,新系统的动画非常精致,操作流畅度也很高。

相比传统手表,可玩性更高是智能手表很有优势的一点,能够根据用户喜欢自由切换表盘,使得智能手表能够持久营造新鲜感。Amazfit GTS 3 的表盘商城上架了各种不同的表盘样式,并且均可以免费使用。尤其是它的动态表盘,每一款都做得很有趣。

生活中常用的实用功能,这款手表也都给到了。它内置有 NFC 应用功能,可直接刷公交、门禁卡。此外,手表本身也支持微信和支付宝扫描支付。华米手表一直备受好评的长续航能力,在 Amazfit GTS 3 上依旧得以延续。

正常情况下,这款手表能够坚持 12 天的使用时长,而如果打开基础使用模式,Amazfit GTS 3 的续航时长能达到夸张的 20 天,是近来所有我体验过智能手表中,续航表现最好的一个。当然,具体续航和个人使用习惯有很大关系,大家作为参考就好。


随着越来越多玩家加入,如今智能手表已经不再是新鲜事物,在各大电商平台搜索关键字能找到各种各样来自不同品牌的相关产品。话虽如此,但各家主流品牌的产品都有着比较鲜明的特点,Amazfit GTS 3 便完美继承了华米手表一贯出色运动功能以及健康监测能力。


不过,这种比较特别的产品形态终究还是会在部分体验上做一些取舍。Amazfit GTS 3 特别之处在于,无论从哪个角度来看,它都是属于完完整整的智能手表,但极为轻薄的机身,却让其拥有了优于大多数同类产品的佩戴体验。

如果用一句话来总结 Amazfit GTS 3,「有颜又能打」或许最为贴切。

Amazfifit GTS 3智能手表华米智能手表跃我 Amazfifit GTS 3


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